Motivational-speaker-success has vowed to always bring something new to the table as far as motivational speaking is concerned. That is exactly what we are doing, so we would like to tell you the unexpected secrets that can make your life as a motivational speaker so much easier. Here are five of them.

1. Microphone

Your voice is only as good as your microphone. Without a credible voice, your wisdom and wit will not make any sense past the first row of the audience; hence, you need to pick something, which is not only reliable but also comfortable for you.

Are you more comfortable with something to hold, something to wear on your head, or something to wear on your lapel or collar? There is no standard preference. Anything that you can work with is great.Motivational

Nevertheless, we, at motivational-speaker-success, recommend motivational speakers to use lapel or headset microphone if they tend to be animated or in constant move. On the other hand, those who tend to feel nervous or confused on stage are recommended to use handheld microphone instead. This is because having something to hold actually makes a person feel more comfortable and confident.

2. Merchandise

If a microphone is the secret to a credible voice, then merchandising is the secret to a lucrative career. In fact, motivational-speaker-success has seen a lot of motivational speakers earn big bucks without gaining mainstream fame.

Merchandising is a common practice by famous speakers. Surprisingly though, many are still reluctant to commercialize themselves out of the fear of losing some money. If you are as good as you think you are, and you are confident that your audience will go home wanting more from you, then go and offer them something to take home with. It does not matter if you are famous or not.

What matters is that you get to impress your immediate audience and take advantage of the situation before they leave the venue. You can sell self-help books, e-books, CDs and DVDs, motivational badges and bookmarks, and anything that you think can complement your speech and image.

3. Floor fan

Heat and sweat can make speakers uncomfortable, resulting to confusion, irritation, unresponsiveness, haziness and apparent exhaustion. A cool venue may not be a problem for an audience who only sits all the time.
However, for a speaker who stands for more than an hour, who walks endlessly on stage, who moves arms animatedly, and who basks in the hot spotlight, this can be big challenge.

Placing a fan on both sides of the stage suffices in making your delivery look more comfortable and spontaneous. You can move however you like without looking tired and annoyed. Do not rely on air conditioners alone. Trust us, they rarely suffice.

4. Pen or marker

We thought that bringing a pen or marker on stage is basic. Imagine our surprise when we learned that a lot of speakers do not do this.

One of the common reasons why speakers get confused and pause awkwardly while in the middle of their speech is their inability to constantly keep track of their script or outline. This is especially true for speakers who do a lot of adlibs and those who prefer to use outlines than completely written speech. This problem can be easily solved by a pen or marker, which can be discretely used on the podium.

Bring one even if you do not think that you need one. Emergencies are called as such because they are never expected to happen at all.

5. Heel pads

Let us guess, you never expected to read “heel pads” here in motivational-speaker-success at all. We cannot blame you since heel pads are not the first things that you think of upon hearing motivational speaking. They are, nevertheless, very helpful when you are scheduled to deliver an hour-long speech while embracing the whole stage all for yourself.

Heel pads, especially the silicone ones, make standing and walking around the stage for over an hour less painful, less tiring, and less uncomfortable. Reading this may seem trifle, but wait until you experience the hell of having to stand and walk while fighting your nerves and delivering a speech all at the same time. Just thinking about it already makes a lot of motivational speakers shake in jittery. What more when you are already actually there?