Picking Your Golf Iron Sets The Right Way

We observe that golfers are buying golf iron sets that are not appropriate for their game. Often, customers come to us complaining that the balls they hit are always landing on the wrong places. These customers have been playing golf for years. We understand if the complaining customer is a beginner but to not so beginner in the game, we expect that they know better. It seems that they still commit mistakes.

If you are one of these golfers, here is a list of guidelines to help you choose the best iron sets for you.

Choose the right combination

In a game of golf, you can bring up to 14 clubs. You may bring lesser than 14 clubs but just make sure you have a driver, a putter, wedges and a few irons (or hybrid clubs for that matter). When we say golf iron sets, we are not just referring to the long irons that most players have a hard time using them to hit a golf ball. We are talking about a set of golf clubs. These are called as iron sets because of the materials used during manufacturing.

Golf Iron SetsNowadays, we use different types of irons to produce clubs from the shaft down to the club head. Unlike the ancient times, golf clubs are made of woods, literally. Even the fairway “woods” that you are familiar with, they are made of metals. We still refer to this set as woods because of their specific features and purpose during a golf play. These woods have higher loft and shallow club face. You may use these woods in hitting a ball in the fairway or out of a turf over a small hill obstacle.

Since you need a set to play the game, be prepared for the worst obstacle you may encounter in a game. Thus, bring at least a sand wedge, a lob wedge, and a pitching wedge. Theses wedges are helpful on difficult golf courses with uneven terrain in the green. Bringing one or two putters are enough. Two golf drivers and the rest comprises your irons.

Evaluate your ability

The next factor to think of in picking the right golf iron sets is your ability. We are happy to share you that golf clubs are now player-friendly. We have irons that are suitable for beginners and mid-range players who have difficulty using the traditional long irons. These hybrid irons are more forgiving and can help you improve your play. As you practice and play more, you can work on your handicap and try to decrease mishit. When you think your first set seems not working for you, consider changing the set you currently have with a set that is more appropriate for you current style.

Callaway golfFor leftie players, we have clubs that are suitable for you. We know that playing using your right hand to hit the ball is hard. Thus, we added golf clubs for left-handed players. Although learning to play using the right hand is possible, hitting the ball with the hand that you are comfortable with improves your overall play.

Know your irons

Golf iron sets vary due to the materials used. Some irons are heavier than the others are. We also have irons that are made of pure steel, that are alloys or a combination. We also offer golf clubs with heads that are cavity-backed or are manufactured using casting methods. If you play frequently, we recommend that you purchase irons that are superior in quality. These iron sets may be more expensive but buying is worth the value of your money.

Taylormade golfFor a beginner in golf, we suggest that you buy second-hand golf clubs while you are still trying to determine your swing and the power of your hits. When you are certain that you know your ability, you can invest on brand new irons. A single set is expensive so be careful in picking your irons.

Mix and Match

We have a wide array of golf clubs that you can choose from. The mix-and-match technique is much better than buying a whole set because you may end up buying a club that you cannot use in playing golf. Aside from mixing and matching your clubs, we recommend that you have your club’s shaft customized according to your height.

You may buy as many golf iron sets that you can afford but you can only bring 14 clubs inside a golf course. Your current ability as a player is important in picking the right iron sets. If you are not sure which golf clubs to buy, visit rockbottomgolf provide the different golf iron sets and we can help you.

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